Water Hammer Arrestor


Shockwaves are generated by flowing backward when the pressure in the piping is momentarily stopped. This is called a water hammer, and it may cause breakage of connection part of pipe, adjustment device, gauge, etc.

This product is that boasts excellent quality and performance absorbs water shock to prevent breakage of pipes and suppresses the accompanying noise and vibration.


Model number DJWHC-40 DJWHC-50 DJWHC-65 DJWHC-80 DJWHC-100 DJWHC-125 DJWHC-150
Test pressure 40kg/㎠
Maximum operating pressure 10kg/㎠
weight 2.8kg 3.1kg 4.3kg 5.3kg 6.4kg 9.1kg 11.2kg
material SSP, SCPH2, SS41