Mar 2021

Obtained UL certification (DJ25UB-200psi)

Nov 2020

Expansion of sales office in Seoul

Nov 2019

UL-3rd DJ28B (200psi) certificate

Mar 2019

UL-3rd DJ25B certificate

Jan 2019

Took over NAMSON, a rocky mountain developing company in Vietnam

Dec 2018

Achieved USD 5.2 million sales for local corporate in Vietnam (excluding sales to Korea)

Sep 2018

UL-3rd DJ25UB certificate

Aug 2018

Established corporate-affiliated R&D Center

Apr 2018

Signed MOU with [Davoy Hanam] in Vietnam

May 2017

Established production corporate in Vietnam [Daejin Vietnam]

Apr 2017

ISO 9001 Certificate (2015)

Dec 2016

Won a prize of five million dollars export Commendation for export promotion

Oct 2015

Selected as promising medium-sized company by Gyeonggi-do

Dec 2014

Awarded the 3 Million Dollar Export Tower

Sep 2014

FM certification (B-CON-B / B-EL-B)

Aug 2013

UL certification (B-COT / B-EOT)

May 2013

UL certification (B-CON-B / B-EL-B)

Dec 2012

Awarded Million Ball Export Tower

Jun 2012

Export Promising Small and Medium Business – Gyeonggi Regional Small Business Administration

May 2012

Origin certified exporter by item – Seoul Customs

Dec 2011

Certification of quality management capability certification (Korea Fire Industry Technical Institute)

Jun 2011

Venture Business Certification – Technology Guarantee Fund
Recognized as a research department (technical development team)

Mar 2011

FM certification (DJ28B)

Aug 2010

KFI Certification (New 10-14 straight type, New 10-5 elbow type)

Dec 2009

Obtained UL certification (DJ25B)

Dec 2008

FM certification (DJ25B)

Aug 2008

ISO 9001 Certification

Jan 2007

Acquired KFI certification (new 07-2 model)

Aug 2004

ISO 14001 certification

Jan 1999

Washing machine shaft precision machining

Feb 1990

Train WHEEL Production

Feb 1989

Established Daejin Industry