Fire Pad


  • Optimal solution for small space, unmanned, powerless fire protection
  • Size: 20cm x 10cm  /  Thickness : 2mm
  • No power, self-sensing, automatic extinguishing
  • Installation close to object to be protected, initial fire prevention


  • System without malfunction
  • Economical Semi-permanent use
  • Extinguishing material with no residual material
  • Suppressed without electricity in any situation
  • Suppressed without human awareness


Model number DJWHC-40 DJWHC-50 DJWHC-65 DJWHC-80 DJWHC-100 DJWHC-125 DJWHC-150
Test pressure 40kg/㎠
Maximum operating pressure 10kg/㎠
weight 2.8kg 3.1kg 4.3kg 5.3kg 6.4kg 9.1kg 11.2kg
material SSP, SCPH2, SS41