Fire Pad


  • Optimal solution for small space, unmanned, powerless fire protection
  • Size: 20cm x 10cm  /  Thickness : 2mm
  • No power, self-sensing, automatic extinguishing
  • Installation close to object to be protected, initial fire prevention


  • System without malfunction
  • Economical Semi-permanent use
  • Extinguishing material with no residual material
  • Suppressed without electricity in any situation
  • Suppressed without human awareness

Specifications & Installation

IP Design Rate IP20
Size 200mm(Length) x 100mm(Width) x 3.0mm(Thickiness)
Main material Eco-friendly Binder/FK-5-1-12
Humidity 45% ~ 98%
Storage Temperature -50℃ ~ 80℃
Spray Angle 65˚
Electrical Insulation Transcendent
Protective Volume Within 0.8m from the ignition point
Activation Temperature Suitable for maintaining the weight of the sticker with an acrylic adhesive method.
Installation location Upper surface of fire hazard facilities
Protective Volume 80LBase on the empty space of the protection product
Activation Temperature 120℃
Fire Class Class A / Class B / Class C